The Percept Experience

Percept has had a venerable tradition of giving back to Society over the past 3 decades. The Percept Group of Companies has time and again encouraged Perceptites to contribute their time, expertise and effort towards making a positive effect on society. Through a variety of sustained and committed programs, initiatives and activities, Percept has made a positive impact on communities across the nation.

We have a responsibility individually and collectively towards a broader constituency, which includes the entire community we operate in. The only society that succeeds today is one that’s founded on mutual respect, compassion and collaboration. We have the power of choice, and need to move beyond corporate social responsibility to social innovation and creating enduring solutions for humanity. We believe that together we can make this world a much better place to live in.

Percept joins hands with Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) for
  'World No Tobacco Day'

The disease of Cancer is a primary and growing area of concern afflicting humanity across the globe and pan India, and Percept has been committed towards partnering and assisting Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) in its objective towards creating awareness for the disease and raising funds towards providing complete assistance of Cancer Patients. CPAA has joined hands with Percept to organize the Annual Event held every 31 May to observe ‘World No Tobacco Day’ with an objective towards creating mass awareness, education and raising funds towards cancer treatment.

In addition to the support provided to the CPAA in the fight against Cancer across India, Percept Gulf also collaborated with Friends of Cancer to create awareness about Breast Cancer across UAE. The AVON Pink Walkathon – in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness was developed and executed by Percept Gulf. Percept Gulf also designed the public interest message on Anti-Smoking for the Khaleej Times reaching millions across the UAE.

Percept Pictures supports key Social Causes

Percept Pictures Cause Films Division has been committed towards creating films that communicate stories on relevant social issues like AIDS, poverty, illiteracy, women empowerment, rape, children issues, sex-education, drugs, prostitution, crime, juvenile delinquency, smoking etc. They carry an overt ideological message or create subversive images as intended by the filmmaker that can encourage a range of attitudes from the audience.

Percept Pictures ‘Phir Milenge’ (2004) starring Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Abhishek Bachchan in lead roles carried a key message in the fight against the AIDS and went on to win many National Awards and change many perceptions and attitudes against the disease.

Percept Pictures also launched a social awareness campaign promoting World Peace. Another key initiative undertaken by Percept Pictures was the creation of a salutation (short film) to the Mumbai train blast victims. Percept Pictures launched an ‘Anti Piracy’ Film to create awareness about piracy and its harmful effects on the Bollywood Industry.

Percept Pictures Short Film (aids + b)² was a black comedy that encouraged people to open up and have the right conversation about the disease of AIDS and not treat it as a taboo. The Film won the prestigious Best Film Award at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival 2016.

Percept Pictures short film Percept Pictures Short Film ‘Avsaad’ raised awareness for the issue of Depression on World Health Day 2017 with a mission to create mass awareness for the challenges faced by over 300 million people worldwide. Percept Pictures Short Film ‘Speaking Pad’ saluted the enduring spirit of the Deaf Community on ‘International Week of the Deaf’ and raised awareness for the many accomplishments & challenges faced by 70 million Deaf people worldwide.

Percept Live becomes a voice for the Youth

Percept’s Intellectual Properties like Sunburn have become a platform to promote many topical youth causes and tackle grave issues that concern the youth of our country. Since inception in 2007, Sunburn has always represented the voice of the youth and stood in solidarity for strong causes and relevant messaging.

  • ‘Leave No Trace’ campaign at SUNBURN
    SUNBURN inculcates a sense of environmental responsibility through the ‘Leave No Trace’ campaign held at the annual Sunburn Festival from 27 – 29 December. Through the simple and smart principles of ‘Recycle, Reuse and Restore’, SUNBURN works towards spreading awareness on an eco-friendly lifestyle with the 250,000 strong SUNBURN global community who gather together for the mega 3 day Music Festival.

  • SUNBURN ‘Say No To Drugs’ message
    SUNBURN, Asia’s premier Electronic Dance Music Festival, uses its platform to promote the message - ‘Say No To Drugs’. Sunburn has a ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ to Drugs. Percept Live and Artists unite together on stage to communicate and reinforce the message of a clean and healthy Drug Free lifestyle.