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Cheryl Botelho
Human Resources Executive
Percept Limited

All Those Gags and Waggerly Wags!

I have been wanting to write for a while now, and now thanks to Percept-O-Speak I finally got it going! So today I'm going to share with you all the story of how I finally got my first pet and how it completely changed my life.

Gosh! Where do I start! So, I remember being asked by my dad around 15 years ago if I wanted a puppy, and I just leapt with joy and excitement and said YES! Like as if he asked whether I would like a life time free membership to Disneyland. And soon enough I remember that rainy day when my first pet arrived. It was the 11th of July, 1999 which is now celebrated as her birthday…and boy was she perfect!

I remember watching my dad bathe her for the first time and groom her and she was so cute!! Like a little powder puff. So we named her Dolly (ha ha!). But my mom didn't share the same sentiment. She went hysterical over the "four legged monster" who she believed would secretly chew her toes off when she was asleep. It was all so funny and did I already mention exciting? She was naughty as ever - shoes, the couch cushion, legs of tables, chairs and everything chewable was chewed and digested by her. She was a little bit of a dare devil. But as time progressed, one major thing happened, my mom began to fall in love with this little monster, unexpected but awesome! They became inseparable and that's all because of the pure, abundant and selfless love that Dolly brought along.

Apart from all the happiness she has brought me, she has even brought me so much love, care and concern, like a little sibling I never had. Dogs really are capable of showing every emotion that we humans are capable of, and understand much more than we think they can! When I've had a bad day and the world seems to be against me, she would sit by me. When I would cry, she would lick my tears off as if she knew that is what needs to be done when someone cries. When I would be angry, she'd act as if she were sorry for hurting me. We all return home to her wagging tail and cheerful barks every single evening. And of course the face licking begins soon after! But my point is which human would do that? I cannot wait 10 minutes for a friend who is running late without getting anxious, let alone hours…Well, the love of an animal can only be experienced. And I am lucky I did.

I would like to conclude this note with a quote that Anatole France once said. "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

How true it is…

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