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Kunal Thacker,
Associate Concept Head - Percept ICE
Percept Sports & Entertainment

“Vodka” licious

I woke up in the morning to the sweet chirps of the sparrows; as I stretched and drew the curtains apart, the sun rays peeped out through the clouds and a cool breeze blew into the room. For a second I wondered, what was happening? But then the fresh dew drops on the flowers made me forget the questions. As I sat on the lazy chair in the balcony, I found the news paper neatly folded on the table and my tea and breakfast ready. Whoa, the day had kicked upon a good note; as I walked lazily into the hall, serenity beckoned and I quietly wore my shoes and walked out. Reaching the basement I had my gym kit and car in place and the gym was empty. I absorbed in the positive vibes from the quiet, empty gym and as my trainer walked in, he helped me get done with the work out at my own pace.

Back home I had a nice shower and my clothes were neatly kept on the bed, (quite strange for a clumsy guy like me) another surprise lay in store as my boss called asking me to wear a suit to work. Puzzled at that and feeling weird on entering the agency in a suit, I was felicitated by claps and bouquets. This was unreal as my boss threw open his cabin door and called me in with a smile; his words sounded like rare classic wine, “Kunal, you’ve been promoted to VP, here are your keys to the new Skoda Laura and 3BHK flat at Peddar Road” - My eyes popped out, the heart skipped a few beats, the legs shook and the mind asked, “is this true?”. Not the one to let opportunities to go by, I gladly accepted the same and turned around but before I walked out of his cabin, he opened the door and took me to my own cabin. Amidst the white walls stood a glass table and a suitable chair completed the look; the carpets, artistic wall hangings and the accessories got me all excited. To complete it all, there lay a letter on my new table; telling me about my promotion, hike in salary and bonus payment.

This called for a party as I quickly grabbed my new Macbook and logged onto Facebook and twitter, updating my status all over.I made a few calls and booked a plush table at Vie lounge; an evening by the sea and some champagne beckoned. On my way home, I stopped by at the temple and thanked God and offered my prayers and some sweets. Reaching home, I had my mother greet me with a wide smile and my sister hugging me tight; in I went and there lay a food feast, she had cooked my favorite meal and it was fit for the kings. I asked her, “Ma, what about the fact that I am on a diet and you strictly warned me against eating all this.” She replied, “go on son, you deserve it.”; Yes, I do! It's yummy and everyone deserves some indulging food. The frivolous night was about to begin, my friends were kind enough to buy me a bottle of Dom Perignon, could I have asked for more? But that wasn’t it, the evening was filled with great music and at the console was DJ Aqeel. The drinks went down and the spirits got higher with my closest buddies and it was a night to remember indeed.

As I was dropped home (since am not supposed to drink and drive), I lay in bed, staring outside my window and wondered what was happening. I could not comprehend anything at all, my head was spinning and I didn’t know what was happening. When all of a sudden the lights went on and the waiter asked me to pay up - I had to put down the bottle of vodka, the bottle through which I saw a dream, the vision it gave me empowered me to think positive. I put the bottle down and paid the bill, but as I turned back I saw the bottle on the table, it was almost full, barely 1/4th over but it said a story. It said, dream on Kunal life is still not over, go there and get it all, convert this dream into reality. Yes, the bottle had 75% of its content intact and so do we have the remaining of our lives intact. Lets achieve what we have set out to do.

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