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Amul- world's longest running ad campaign still going strong

Amul has just been ranked as the no.1 Indian brand by Campaign Magazine in its list of top 1000 brands of Asia for the 3rd consecutive year. The country's largest food company, Amul, is the market leader in butter, whole milk, cheese, ice cream, dairy whitener, condensed milk, saturated fats and long life milk. It is one brand that truly deserves this accolade. The Amul campaign has for decades told the contemporary story of India, a hoarding at a time. The hoardings have been a commentary to the ‘popular’ history of India over this period. Seemingly ageless, this long-running campaign has captivated fans across all ages and time.But they also have a secret weapon. The Amul mascot, a cute and chubby girl usually dressed in a polka dot dress, is universally recognizable in India. And the tagline, ‘Utterly Butterly Delicious Amul’ is just as catchy. Together, these two elements are a fantastic combination of brand elements for Amul. And get this; the brand mascot has been the same since its inception in 1967. That’s almost 45 years ago. But the Amul girl is still as relevant as ever.

Amul's advertisement journey began in 1966, when they hired Sylvester daCunha to design a new ad campaign for Amul Butter, and since then the ads have entertained us with their quirky take on current affairs.When the country was busy making merry about Samajwadi Party's landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh, Amul was preparing to salute in their own style! The ad depicted the winners Akhilesh and Mulayam Singh Yadav zooming ahead of everyone on a bicycle, which is also the party's symbol. The words read, 'Samajworthy Party' in 'Butter Pradesh'! Recently, a book, Amul’s India, celebrating the journey of the lovable little girl in polka dots was released in Mumbai in the presence of the man who started the world’s longest running campaign ever, Sylvester daCunha.Even after almost 50 years, the lovable polka-dotted Amul girl has turned out to be a great survivor. And the book is a celebration that would be of enormous interest to an observer of contemporary India, be it a brand manager, a management student or a fan of Amul.Amul's latest ad is on the mystery woman who marched with the Indian team during the London Olympics opening ceremony. She walked alongside India's flag bearer Sushil Kumar although she was not a part of the Indian contingent in any which way. She was later recognized as Madhura Nagendra, a Bangalore student, who was one of 10,000 volunteers performing in the ceremony.Indian officials blasted Olympic security for the lapse. LOCOG chief Sebastian Coe, however, said that Nagendra was not a security threat. He said she was simply "a cast member who clearly got slightly over-excited."
Nirvana Digital launches YouTube Content Creators Network

The network will capitalise the opportunities presented by YouTube as a content platform and work to create original content as well as the distribution of produced video content from the Indian market across YouTube channels.Nirvana Digital, a creator and distributor of audio and video content across internet and mobile platforms, has launched YouTube Content Creators Network. The network will work in the area of creation of original content as well as the distribution of produced video content from the Indian market across YouTube channels. Through this network, Nirvana Digital aims to capitalise on the exploding power of YouTube, which at current estimations is at 800 million monthly unique user visits across the globe, and 30 million in India itself.Nirvana Digital's new offering aims to provide an opportunity hitherto unavailable to content creators in India, ranging from individuals to large organisations. The network will enable them to upload content for immediate distribution, monetisation and direction of traffic. According to the company, existing channel owners also benefit from having their channels added to the Nirvana Digital YouTube Network as the new channel receives relevant traffic from the existing 350 million views on the Nirvana Digital Network, which in turn results in higher monetisation for the channel. Nirvana Digital in the past has monetised content for channels like BollywoodNirvana – Bollywood Films (28 million views), Bolly2Box – Bollywood News and Gossip (20.5 million views), and PlayXone – Video Clips (39 Million views) as part of its existing YouTube content distribution.

Mid-Day launches, a Bollywood portal

The portal aims to reach out to both Bollywood buffs as well as ones who take the business of cinema seriously.As a part of its 33rd anniversary celebrations, Mumbai's popular tabloid Mid-Day added to its portfolio with the launch of FullyFilmi (, an online portal dedicated to Bollywood. The portal was launched in Mumbai last week by popular actor Ajay Devgan.While the tabloid's Bollywood coverage is widely known, the portal will offer further insights into the same. According to the company, FullyFilmi will offer users exclusive behind-the-scenes stories, interviews, movie reviews, photos, videos and more of celebrity-driven entertainment information.The portal targets both dedicated Bollywood fans as well as ones who take the business of cinema seriously. Mid-Day claims its content strategy is an approach to cinema that does not exist currently. The portal will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of media and communications group, Jagran Prakashan adding to the group's interests across print, OOH, activation, mobile and online media.
Music streaming services is the most competitive business currently

Artist Aloud associate VP Soumini Sridhara Paul who came on board as a special ‘Guest Editor’ at’s (RnM) office expressed her views on the music streaming services in the country and contributed to the fifth anniversary celebrations.Have you ever spent a day without music? Just imagine if one day there is no music and the world stops producing it forever. Of course, one would say, you can listen to the music that was released previously. Sure one can do that. But what about the fact that music has a phase, a trend , a style. Can you imagine listening to 60s kind of music in the 21st century? All the songs that have been remixed are a proof that one has to flow with time. However, in the last three-four years after digital became a way of life for common man, our method of consuming music has also undergone a change. Now we are not able to listen to music the way we used to, even if we wished to do so. And, therefore, the new wave of streaming services is not really a surprise.When Napster launched its service of peer to peer sharing of music, it started the trend of free music consumption. Consumers suddenly didn’t worry about not paying for music because to a certain extent they believed that if an internet site is providing this service, it is possibly allowed, notwithstanding the fact that music has never been a preplanned purchase or consumption. It is and always has been mood, recommendation or frequency based. If a song is hammered down your ears through television, radio or any other form of media and you like the song; you then want to own it or hear it right then.In the good old days people had the patience to go to a record store to fulfill their craving for a song. But today with the mobile and the internet becoming a way of life rather than a choice, people have grown to be more demanding for quick access and quick delivery. What started as an opportunity became a habit and now a necessity and when something becomes a necessity, it creates a business opportunity. So when we talk about digital opportunities, one of the most competitive business in the recent times and still on the growth is music streaming service.
HT Media launches lifestyle magazine Brunch Q

HT Media Limited (HTML) today unveiled the new avatar of its popular magazine Brunch Quarterly.  Renamed Brunch Q, the magazine will take on a new and improved format with each issue created around a special theme. Brunch Q seeks to help readers in their “Quest for the Good Life!” with content that INFORMS, ENABLES and ENTERTAINS.Approximately 1.25 lakh copies of Brunch Q will be circulated on newsstands each quarter, across the country. The magazine will be heavily promoted in HT Media Group properties like Hindustan Times, Fever 104 FM and Mint making it one of the most visible lifestyle publications in the country today. Brunch Q is the only lifestyle magazine today that makes for a cover to cover read for both men and women. It’s ALL NEW and exclusively written content offers a heady mix of all things lifestyle covering showbiz, fashion, beauty, health, fitness, food, technology, books, travel and more. The revamped magazine will offer 140 pages of high quality content in an inviting format and retail for a newsstands price of Rs 100 only. The first issue under this new format, August-October, 2012 has a special segment on wellness covering spas, tips from celebrity dieticians and trainers, a story on organic and healthier alternatives to everyday food items plus a feature on Yoga.The revamped magazine comes in a larger format (22.5wX29.5h) and the paper and production quality has also been kept on par with the best international magazines. Overall the product is designed to create reader delight.
A studio is not essential to create a blockbuster just begin a Youtube channel

Launching a summer blockbuster without a major studio seems like a distant dream, YouTube sensation Freddie Wong is out to prove it wrong.His new feature-length film, "Video Game High School," has been watched more than 40 million times since its release in May.But Wong didn't debut "VGHS" in a movie theater, nor on YouTube. he and partner Brandon Laatstch operate a channel on Youtube, Freddiew, that has more than 3.2 million subscribers.The film has been chopped up into nine 10- to 20-minute pieces - premiered on RocketJump, an ad-supported site that he and Laastch launched with "VGHS" showrunner Matthew Arnold to host content outside of YouTube.The film is about a world where nerds and their videogames have replaced jocks and sports at the top of the social pyramid.

Each new part aired for a week on RocketJump, then moved onto Wong's popular YouTube channel.Its popularity on Youtube is immense, but RocketJump has still accounted for more than 7 million views to date, with traffic increasing as more people discovered that the newer episodes were debuting on the native site.Wong and his partners conceived RocketJump about the same time they were making "VGHS." The goal was to extend their brand and create a better viewing experience for consumers.While YouTube controls the display and formatting, the Freddiew team and its management company, the Collective Digital Studio, is able to tailor RocketJump to their core audience, mostly gamer fans.The maker feels that it’s impossible to fund such movies with money earned by Youtube alone. Filmmakers posting videos on YouTube must split the revenue with Google's online video behemoth. That places a lower ceiling on the money that can be made from a video. To that end, RocketJump also helps on the merchandising side; the site features a store that sells T-shirts, posters and DVDs.Though "VGHS" production cost about $500,000, much of the funding came from other sources. The Freddiew team launched a Kickstarter campaign, which netted them $273,276.Money was raised for shoots through sponsors, such as Airsoft Company Evike and Monster, the energy drink company.In return for the organic uses of Monster within the series, gamers love their caffeine, Wong could shoot an extended chase scene that otherwise would have been too costly.Indeed, several mainstream Hollywood producers have praised Wong's work as ready for theaters. Looking at the success, a sequel is already being planned and Wong’s "VGHS" works as an inspiration for everyone.

Kohinoor Foods scouts for creative partner

The multi-agency pitch, which is in an initial stage, is going on in Delhi.Kohinoor Foods is on the lookout for a creative partner. The multi-agency pitch, which is in an initial stage, is going on in Delhi.Reliable sources in the industry have confirmed the development to afaqs! on ground of anonymity. It is learnt that the company has called the creative pitch for all its food businesses, including its rice brand and convenience food brands such as ready-to-eat, heat-and-eat, readymade gravies, pickles, sauces and pastes.While the current pitch process is only restricted to creative, in future, the brand may also initiate a hunt for the media planning and buying business.Earlier, the creative and media businesses were being handled by Crayons Advertising. The agency had been handling the brand for the past 12 years. However, in between, for a short while in 2005, the company had awarded the creative duties for convenience food brands to Everest Brand Solutions.For the record, established in 1989, Kohinoor Foods deals with a wide assortment of food items including basmati rice, ready-to-eat, cook-in sauces, cooking paste, spices, seasoning and frozen foods. The company has presence in various countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, West Asia and Southeast Asian countries.
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