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Vidya Alva, COO, Percept ICE shares her views on upcoming trends we will witness in the Experiential Marketing domain as 2024 kicks off
3 January, 2024

Vidya Alva, Chief Operating Officer, Percept ICE writes about upcoming trends we will witness in experiential marketing as 2024 begins

Looking at 2023, these are some of the major trends in experiential marketing that we will witness taking shape in 2024.

Hyper-Personalisation via AI, Big Data and Analytics

Today’s discerning consumer expects bespoke, tailor-made experiences and with the massive amounts of data available from various touch-points, event organisers can utilise this plethora of information by smartly using advanced analytics to cull out the necessary data. Hyper-personalisation can be executed by garnering real-time data and AI to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right person. Hyper-personalised event marketing strategies will see customised content, experience, and post-event interactions merge seamlessly to make for greater event recall, brand loyalty, the ‘WOW’ factor, and word-of-mouth publicity. As Technology and Machine Learning get more refined, hyper-personalisation will only become more sophisticated, making generic event marketing strategies progressively less popular.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing will continue to grow. Advanced Technologies, new-age digital platforms, trends and bespoke strategies will create even more authentic connections between brand experiences and target audiences. The influencer marketing industry is projected to reach 13.8 billion USD in 2024 and over the past year, we have seen many brands spend more on influencer marketing pre-, during and post-event than ever before. This will only increase in 2024. Event organisers will need to work closely with brands and execute in-depth R&D to identify the right Brand-Influencer fit, and thereafter leverage the authentic voice and reach of these influencers to cut through the clutter. Through this route, agencies will be able to create campaigns and buzz pre-event that resonate with consumers on a personal level, thereby generating footfalls, awareness, loyalty, sampling, conversions, data acquisition, positive metrics and overall success.

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Today’s consumer is not just interested in attending an event or sampling the experience. They are keen on studying the brand’s values, and the various elements sourced to create the ground event, especially the areas pertaining to environmental and social responsibility. This trend, spurred by global challenges, has led to a surge in brands and experiential agencies scrambling to source sustainable products, use eco-friendly venues and transportation and promote their sustainability initiatives and practices to their target audiences. In 2024 experiential will be as much about values as it is about the experience.

Content will Rule

In an era of limited attention span, continuous scrolling, and growing consumer discernment, Content will determine whether or not an event attendee will pause to read the event promise and details of the experience offered. There will be a greater shift towards employing multiple bespoke strategies surrounding eye-catching, disruptive content spanning innovative video messaging, reels and short stories, hashtags, relevant influencer posts and value-driven blogs.