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“My Last Sunburn Goa, The Journey Ends", Says Harindra Singh
5 January, 2024

As he steps away from his role of handling the EDM festival, Singh brings out that he would reveal his future plans soon

Harindra Singh, Chairman & Managing Director, Percept and the brains and brawn behind the much-acclaimed Sunburn Festival has moved on from his role of handling the largest EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festival in the country. He helped the music fest garner worldwide recognition since its inception in 2007.

Talking to Everything Experiential, and reminiscing his days of handling Sunburn, he says, “My last Sunburn Goa - December 2023. The journey ends. I have an endless number of people to thank. In Goa – the Government, the bureaucracy, judiciary, local community, politicians, friends, and fans. And all over the country for various other Sunburn Events done since 2007.”

He reveals that it's been a lot of hard work, emotions. And a lot more that can't be listed or will ever be known. “Not only me but also Shailendra, Manuj, Devraj, Aditya, Aman, and various other people who left and or are still with the team. And also Karan Singh and his team that now take over to take Sunburn into the future.”

Singh feels good that he could help make this happen over the years - build Sunburn into Asia’s largest and amongst the world’s biggest EDM Festival IP that was even compared to Tomorrowland at one time.

Undoubtedly he is a bit sad that he will never be there, again. “Obviously, I can’t be happy letting go of something so close to me. Sunburn Goa takes the life out of me but gives life to so many.”

Singh confirmed to Everything Experiential that there are some developments in the pipeline, and that he will be ready to share about the same in a few months.